Eldus RPG is an RPG game on ROBLOX that is currently in beta. The game follows normal roblox rpg style with players using swords to kill enemies, get stronger ect. The game is owned and was created by Meknor.

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BIG - All areas in the game are going to be transferred into one open world map. Dungeons and event bosses are also soon to come!

-Pets to be fixed


-3 New titan areas

-Titan hp buffed to 3 million then nerfed significantly to 500K, now nerfed even further to 300K

-Millions and thousands figures abbreviated with M/K

-4 New shop bought pets with no affect

-Certain armors buffed and their speed values changed

-Rot blessing and skull pet no longer effect high HP bosses like the titans due to them being too easy to kill for people using them

-Blessings are now spheres that give their effects when clicked

-Titans drop their individual blessings except for the wind and earth titan who are bugged at the moment

-Pets are broken at the moment

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